Newfoundland Ice Extent

icebergThis database contains reconstructed ice charts for the ice months January to April from 1810 to 1958 for ice conditions off the east coast of Newfoundland and the Grand Banks. It also contains the original ice reports from which the charts were drawn, along with data tables of the latitude and longitude of iceberg and sea ice sightings and the estimated ice edge.

Gulf of St. Lawrence Sea Ice Extent

This database is similar to the Newfoundland Ice Extent with information for the months November through June and is complete with tables and graphs.

Ship Collisions with Icebergs

This database describes collisions which have taken place in the northern hemisphere over the last couple of hundred years, principally on the Grand Banks and North Atlantic but also includes the waters of Alaska, Greenland and the Arctic. The site contains the original html version with about 450 incidents as well as the new searchable Microsoft Access version which contains over 670 incidents including ship characteristics, images, ice charts, damage descriptions and any other known factors.

Iceberg Sightings Database

This database compiles all the recorded iceberg sightings from the late 1800’s to the late 1900’s.

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