5 Examples Where 3D Printers Were Used In The Construction Industry

The use of 3D printer technology has revolutionized almost every industry. One of those industries is construction. As technology advances, 3D-printed devices have seen many real-world uses that prove their usefulness. Below are some of the top examples where 3D printers were successfully used during construction projects.

1. Pedestrian Bridge

In Amsterdam, a construction project went underway to create a 12 mm long pedestrian bridge made from steel. This 3D-printed bridge was drawn using robots and then created with the printer from layers of molten steel. A structural engineer for the company in charge of the project is conducting load tests that are proving to be positive.

2. First Printed House

In Europe, a family in France printed the world’s first 3D-printed home. The prototype is a four-bedroom house that is going to be used for bigger projects down the road. It took just 54 hours to print the entire home, but it took months for the contractors to finish adding in the doors, windows and the roof. The coordinators for the project claim that this way of building a home is around 20% less expensive than traditional-constructed houses.

3. Office Building

Two years ago, the first 3D-printed office was constructed in Dubai. It took 17 days and 18 workers to print and install the building. It was constructed using cement and other materials from different countries. The office was printed layer-by-layer and was affordable to complete. After printing, the exterior and interior design details were added to finish the project.

4. House Built In One Day

A construction company in Russia printed a single-story home in less than 24 hours using their mobile, three-dimensional printer. The printer created the partitions, self-bearing walls and the building envelope. Once the printing was completed, the printer was removed using a crane so that the rest of the design features could be added. This project was more complex because it was done during a Russian winter. The www.agile-manufacturing.com is a useful source for more information and insights.

5. First Habitable Home

While there have been many homes and offices created using 3D printer technology, Holland created the first concrete-printed home to be lived in. This home was created during a project called Milestone. The project was completed in collaboration with a Dutch construction firm and the University of Eindhoven. The project will also include five additional houses to be put on the market in the coming year. The homes will be printed with cement using the architect’s design and be done layer-by-layer.

These are just a handful of examples where 3D printers were used in the construction industry. As time goes by, this technology will be used more and more and should make building a home quicker, more affordable and efficient. Building projects could take weeks instead of months to complete.