4 Reasons to Become a Business Lawyer

While it’s practically impossible to outline all the laws that business attorneys handle here and all the challenges businesses face, several laws govern business operations in the country. The applicable legal provisions will differ depending on factors such as the nature of your startup and geographical location. First, there are business formation laws, which outline the steps and measures one needs to take when forming and operating a business.

There are different laws for different business structures like partnerships or corporations. The second group of laws is consumer protection laws, which protect consumers against fraudulent activities and other non-ethical practices.

The lawyers also deal with contract laws, which offer guidelines for the content of the contracts you may enter into with your business partners and clients. When it comes to recruitment, the legal practitioners are knowledgeable about the applicable hiring employment laws. Here are some of the benefits of becoming a business lawyer:

1. High Income Potential

Working as a lawyer isn’t often about financial rewards. In fact, you may not succeed as a legal practitioner if your primary goal is money. Passion is the driving force for successful business attorneys. However, high monetary benefits are some of the motivational factors that may make them strive to grow in their careers.

Recent studies have shown that they are some of the professionals who have the highest wages in Canada. Some of the reputable lawyers earn hundreds of Canadian dollars annually. Note that the salaries are not standard. Their income depends on factors such as the level of experience and the size of an employer.

2. Access to Concierge Services

In large firms, business lawyers may work for up to 70 hours a week. Becoming a legal professional means long working hours, burnout, and missed leisure activities. However, some are now offering concierge services like running errands and picking tickets, saving lawyers time and money. More useful information is found on the Hoffer Adler website.

3. Experiencing Mental Stimulation

Another benefit of pursuing a career as a business lawyer is the mental stimulation one may experience when dealing with various legal theories and relevant case laws while trying to find a solution to a particular question.

4. Enjoying a Work-Life Balance

In most occupations, people lack work-life balance and often experience burnout due to overworking. Generally, practicing law involves working about eight hours daily during the weekdays. Many law firms provide benefits such as vacation leave, among other leaves. Some of them are now allowing flexible working schedules.